A Bit About Me

Formerly known as Luke Jacobsen DJ Services, I am now operating as Elevate Sound & Entertainment!  I have been playing, studying, and doing music for nearly two decades, and working professionally as a DJ for 6 years. I listen to everything from EDM, Pop, Rap, Funk, R&B, and Soul to Country, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Disco, Electronica! I love getting to meet couples and make each wedding personal and unique. When not DJing, I am an avid fitness enthusiast and musician! Whether it's weightlifting, hiking, guitar playing, singing, or running- the days never have enough time for all the hobbies I enjoy! With dozens of weddings, parties, corporate events, and celebrations of every kind in my resume, I have the experience and passion for music that will make any event something to remember! Send me a message and let's talk about your event!