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Bronze $800 Perfect for the professional wedding! 

  • 4 hours of DJ Service- coverage for Ceremony and/or Reception

  • MC service

  • Professional Sound Quality 

    • Two 1500W EV Speakers 

    • 2 Wireless Microphones (Handheld & Lapel) 

  • Basic DJ table

Silver $1300 Most popular package! Professional and exciting entertainment options! 

  • 5 hours of DJ Service- coverage for Ceremony and/or Reception

  • MC Service

  • Professional Sound Quality 

    • Two 1500W EV Speakers 

    • 3 Wireless Microphones (2 Handheld & 1 Lapel) 

  • Dance Floor Lighting 

  • Full DJ Facade Setup

Gold $1600 The Ultimate DJ Entertainment Experience!

  • 6 hours of DJ Service- coverage for both Ceremony & Reception 

  • MC Service 

  • Professional Sound Quality 

    • Two 1500W EV Speakers 

    • Two 1000W Subwoofers 

    • 3 Wireless Microphones (1 Handheld & Lapel) 

  • Dance Floor Lighting 

  • Hazer Machine (dependent on whether venue allows)

  • Full DJ Facade Setup

  • DJ Facade Uplighting 

Dance floor lighting - $350 Double the excitement on the dance floor with this kinetic lighting package. Includes two ultra bright motorized moving head lights, two moving projector style lights, two RGB par lights, one RBYB high end laser unit! 

Hazer - $50 This light haze effect goes a long way to enhance the lighting, particular dance floor lighting!

Projector - $300 Professional 4000 lumen projector, 120” screen

Dance on the Clouds (Ground Fog) - $200  Low lying fog to create a “dancing on the clouds'' visual effect. It will make your first dance as a married couple even more magical and your photographer will love it!

Fog Fury Jet - $125 Truly wow your guests with an exhilarating and kinetic blast of fog and light! 


Karaoke package -  $350  Your guests won’t want to stop singing at the end of the night! Includes projector with 120” lyrics screen, wireless microphone, and access to 100,000+ songs in Karaoke library 


Satellite Speaker - $200 (per speaker) Add up to 4 additional Satellite speakers to bring synchronized music to multiple areas of your venue. Up to 150 ft reach from DJ mixing station 

Two 1000w subwoofers - $200 Bigger, better, and more powerful bass response! Ideal for larger venues and crowds, especially great for lovers of Hip-Hop, EDM, Rap, and R&B 

Wireless Uplighting - $20 (per fixture) Completely transforms the ambience of an entire event hall! Up to 20 light units in your choice of color! Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Aqua, White 


Custom projected monogram - $200 Have a custom made monogram light up a wall or ceiling! Can include your names, date, and artistic design. Afterwards you can keep the monogram as a fun memento! 

Bubble Machine- $50 Guests of all ages will love this bubble machine, great for adding extra excitement and especially fun for your grand sendoff!